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  • Name: Fiber 4U
  • Weight: 18 gm
  • Per Box: 10 Sachets
  • Best For: Losing Weight

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Natural Fiber 4U and its 7 Benefits

What is Fiber?

Fiber could be found only in plant foods and since human body cannot digest the dietary Fiber. However, this is one of the important part of a healthy diet. The Fiber provides a bulk in your diet where it will help you feel full thereby helping in weight control. On the other hand, the Fiber will help you to prevent constipation by moving food through the intestines. Lastly, by consuming Fiber you can lower the cholesterol.

Look & Live Better By Losing Weight In Natural Way

FIBER 4U 18gm is a special formula developed to cleanse the body with losing weight effect. Nowadays many people experience obesity and constipation due to the imbalance diet, thereby many health issues arise. Besides doing exercise to cope with the obesity problem, we need to pay more attention on what we consume daily in order to maintain a good body figure. FIBER for you special blended with fruits fiber, hoodia extract, prebiotics and multi enzyme to maintain our body health by detoxification meanwhile to keep us looking good in all the time.

Fiber 4U Benefits:

  • Colon Cleanse body by detoxification
    Fiber 4U is the best for cleansing the colons of accumulated toxic build up and prevent the formation of new built up. Fiber For You cleanses the colon and promotes regularity while delivering heart healthy benefits. The top cleansing fruits were selected for weight loss program to assist in cleansing the colon by stimulating the body’s natural elimination process and supporting digestive wellness.
  • Lose weight & reduce toxics in our body
    Fiber Fruits is the best daily fiber which contains all the natural ingredients including orange and pomegranate concentrate powder, fruit fiber, prebiotics, multi enzymes and hoodia extract.
  • Remove Excessive Water
    Fiber 4U powder is for you if in case your diet falls short on fiber, should you supplement with fiber? Possibly. Taking insoluble fiber in the form of a supplement may help improve laxation thereby relieving constipation. And, taking a soluble fiber supplement or functional food with added soluble fiber can help lower high blood cholesterol in some people.
  • Improve digestive system
    Assists by acting like a sponge in the digestive tract and it expands and becomes spongy, dissolving and absorbing toxins, eventually flushing them out of the body.
  • Prevent bloating
  • Promote bowel movement
  • Enhance body immune system

Why Should I Cleanse?

Well, after eating for sure you brush your teeth. You get shower to remove hair oils and produce residue. Now, you are spending a lot of efforts and time on your outside appearance. So, you should be thinking same of cleansing your body, which is a way to gently and effectively start your natural elimination process.

Suggested Fiber Fruits use

Mix 1 sachet (18gm) of Fiber 4U with 150ml of normal water. Mix the fiber fruits and Drink it or it will become little thick to drink. Follow it with another 100ml glass of water. Detoxification will not work without an adequate amount of water, so drink eight 150ml glasses of pure water every day. Water will help to absorb unwanted materials, mobilize fiber and sweep waste out.


If you are taking medications and have a serious medical condition, please consult with your physician before starting a detox program. Take medications two hours before or after the fiber drink.

There two main types of Fiber :

There are two types of fiber found in your food, soluble and insoluble:

  1. Soluble fiber mixes with liquid during digestion forming a gel in the intestines. This process slows the movement of food through your intestinal tract keeping you full, keeping your blood sugar levels stable and helping lower blood cholesterol. Lowering cholesterol can help decrease one’s risk of developing heart disease, the number one cause of death for both men and women in the United States. Foods rich in soluble fiber include oat bran, barley, nuts, seeds, lentils, beans, peas and some fruits and vegetables.
  2. Insoluble fiber provides bulk to the diet. It passes through the intestines virtually unchanged and is primarily responsible for helping prevent and relieve constipation.
Tips to Increase Your Fiber Intake
  • Consume at least a fruit or vegetable with every meal
  • High Fiber foods with vegetable, fruits and nuts
  • Add fresh vegetable to your soups and other foods
  • Fill you cereal or yogurt with fresh fruit
  • Add frozen berries to a protein shake for a thick, delicious meal or snack
  • Try to have a new vegetable based dish every time you dine out
  • Go to restaurants that have salad bars that include fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds
  • Consult a registered dietitian about supplementing with fiber

Raise your dietary with Fiber 4U and follow the instruction which is recommended of 18 grams. The natural Fiber Fruits plays an important role in weight management. According to statistics and studies eating foods that is high in fiber can keep you full and it is inversely associated with body weight and body fat. In addition, the importance about Fiber is that it can lower your blood cholesterol levels and is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease and finally dietary fiber, notably insoluble fiber, can help relieve constipation.

How Much Fiber and Where Do You Get it?

The best way to increase your fiber intake is to consume more fiber-rich foods such as beans, peas, vegetables, fruits, whole grains and nuts. But, do so slowly over the course of time and drink plenty of fluids to help fiber pass through your digestive system. Increasing fiber intake rapidly in a short period of time can result in gas, bloating and stomach cramps.


Orange & pomegranate concentrate powder, fruit fiber, prebiotics, multi enzymes and hoodia extract.

  1. Keep in a dry and cool place.
  2. Keep it out of the reach of children.
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