Bitter Almond Oil 100% Organic 50ml

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  • Short Description:
  • Brand: Achlim
  • 100%: Natural
  • Benefits for: Skin Care
  • Weight: 50 ml

Minimum quantity for "Bitter Almond Oil 100% Organic 50ml" is 1.


Bitter Almond Oil 100% Organic 50ml

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Achlim Bitter Almond Oil is 100% natural oil and this product is best for skin care application.

Bitter almond oil will serve to give skin and skin freshness, vitality and smoothness, which is very suitable for this end and can be used for children. Also, where bitter almond oil serves to nourish the skin and moisturize its cells, and gives the skin serenity and give it a brightness healthy, by heating oil and skin massage using it.

It is preferred to do so after bathing to improve its absorption across the skin, and bitter almond oil gives a scent that resembles the smell of walnuts and is favored by some, and any other perfume can be added to it to change the scent. Because almond oil contains an adequate amount of vitamin E, which is an effective antioxidant and enters into many cosmetics and skin, the use of almond oil protects the skin from the damage of oxidation and exposure to sunlight.


  1. Removes Dirt, Dead Skin Cells
  2. Prevents Acne, Pimples & Black Heads Advent
  3. Lighten Face, Body & Make Up Residue
  4. Remove Dark Spots, Sunburn & Pigmentation
  5. Relieve Skin Redness
  6. Used Eczema & Psoriasis

Other Benefits includes:

  • Almond oil is soft in its texture and penetrates the skin easily, so it helps to get rid of the dirt and dead skin cells that exist a lot in skin pores and hair follicles, so it is useful in preventing the advent of acne, pimples and black heads.
  • Bitter almond oil is used to remove the residue of makeup and cosmetics from the face, especially from the surroundings of the eye, where a quantity of oil is placed on a piece of cotton and painted on the face, and is left for about two minutes, and then gently scanned for the skin.
  • Bitter almond oil can be used to reduce and dispose of black-eyed anomalies, where oil is massaging around the area around the eye before going to sleep on a daily basis and will notice the difference within two weeks.
  • Used in treating fungal and bacterial infections of the skin.
  • Bitter almond oil is used to lighten the face and even the body in general and unify the skin color as it helps to remove dark spots from it, to get rid of the effects of sunburn and pigmentation and to relieve the redness of the skin.
  • Bitter almond oil can be used in cases of eczema and psoriasis it is an effective moisturizing of the skin and helps relieve the itching associated with these skin diseases.

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