Ginger Oil 100% Organic

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  • Short Description:
  • Brand: Achlim
  • 100%: Natural
  • Weight: 50ml
  • Relieves Stomach Issues
  • Lowers Stress
  • Treats Food Poisoning
  • Effective Against Nausea
  • Reduces Inflammation & Hair Care
  • Protects Heart Health & Malaria
  • Dissolves Kidney Stones

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Ginger Oil 100% Organic

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What Is Ginger Root Oil?

Ginger root oil is obtained from the root of the herb Zingiber officinale, commonly known as ginger. Ginger root and ginger oil are used as preservative and flavoring agents. They are helpful in digesting food items such as meat and poultry and are frequently added to meat recipes to soften it considerably, making it easier to digest.

Health Benefits of Ginger Root Oi

Ginger root oil is one of the best remedies for indigestion, stomach ache, dyspepsia, colic, spasms, diarrhea, flatulence, and other stomach and bowel related problems. Ginger or ginger oil is often added to recipes, especially in India, as it helps in improving digestion.

Treats Food Poisoning

Ginger oil is an antiseptic and carminative substance. As a result, it can be used to treat food poisoning. It is also used for treating intestinal infections and bacterial dysentery.

Effective Against Nausea

Research has shown that ginger root and its oil are also effective against nausea, motion sickness, and vomiting.

Protects Against Malaria

Ginger root and ginger oil are effective against yellow fever and malaria’s they have mosquito repelling qualities.

Treats Respiratory Disorders

Ginger root and ginger oil are both good expectorants, so they are effective in treating respiratory problems such as cold, cough,flu, asthma, bronchitis, and breathlessness. Ginger is very effective in removing mucus from the throat and lungs, so it is often added to tea. The health benefits of honey and ginger in treating respiratory problems are also well-known.

Reduces Inflammation

Ginger oil or ginger paste is often topically massaged on aching muscles to remove muscle strain.

Treats Menstrual Issues

Irregular and painful menstrual discharges can be treated with ginger root oil. Its anti-inflammatory properties help in reducing the production of prostaglandins, which often cause painful uterine contractions during menstruation.

Protects Heart Health

Many people use ginger oil as a measure to prevent as well as cure various heart conditions.

Lowers Stress

Ginger oil, being an essential oil, is stimulating and therefore, relieves depression, mental stress, exhaustion, dizziness, restlessness, and anxiety.

Eliminates Impotency

Ginger is helpful for male health as well. Since ginger root and its oil are an aphrodisiac in nature, they are effective in eliminating impotency and preventing premature ejaculation.

Dissolves Kidney Stones

Ginger root oil aids in keeping you hydrated thereby helping in expelling the stones, if there are any.

Hair Care

Ginger oil is rich in minerals, which aid in hair care. Also, it helps get rid of the dry, itchy scalp, which is often a major cause of dandruff.

Word of Caution:

It should be noted that ginger oil is very strong and should, therefore, be used carefully and sparingly.


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