Natural Psyllium Husk Powder

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  • Brand: Achlim
  • 100%: Natural
  • Weight: 120 gm
  • Heart health
  • Assists Weight Loss
  • Great Natural Source of Fibre
  • Relieves Constipation & Diarrhea
  • Prevents Discomfort & Sluggishness
  • Helps Control Blood Sugars

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Psyllium Husk Powder 100% Natural Soluble Fiber | Achlim

The Pysllium Husk is considered as a colon cleanser and a natural weight loss tool. Once taken, it will bulk and form a mass in the colon, as this is transported through the intestinal tract. Taking waste with it and the husks will scrub the intestines clean as they move along.

If it is taken before a meal, the husks will have time to expand giving a full feeling, helping to prevent overeating.

The Benefits of Psyllium Husk

Heart health

Research has shown that taking soluble fiber can help people manage their cholesterol levels. Proper cholesterol regulation is important for everyone, but vital for people over the age of 50. One study shows that at least six weeks of daily psyllium intake is an effective way for people who are obese or overweight to lower their cholesterol with very few side effects.

If you’ve been told that you need to watch your cholesterol, ask your doctor if adding psyllium to a low-fat, low-cholesterol diet will help you.

Assists Weight Loss Goals

Due to its bulking properties, psyllium husk can be a great aid for those seeking to lose weight. Taking it 30 minutes prior to a meal with a full glass of water allows the psyllium to expand, creating a full feeling.

A Great Natural Source of Fibre

Low carb and high protein diets often eliminate cereals, whole grains and fruits, meaning that the amount of dietary fibre is greatly reduced. Psyllium husk is an excellent source of fibre, with each teaspoon containing around 4g it is an easy way to quickly boost your intake if your diet leaves you lacking in this area.

Relieves Constipation and Diarrhea

Constipation is a very common health issue. Chronic constipation is especially common in adults older than 60 years, and symptoms occur in up to 50 percent of nursing home residents. Additional fiber intake in the form of psyllium is recommended by scientific studies to improve symptoms and provide natural constipation relief .

Prevents Discomfort and Sluggishness

A healthy bowel may not seem like a significant health priority to some, however you will be surprised how many problems will disappear once you’ve sorted out your digestive problems. Nothing worse than going about your day feeling sluggish and uncomfortable.

Helps Control Blood Sugars

Rocketing blood sugar levels can be dangerous for both those with and without diabetes those without should be cautious not to develop diabetes. Introducing more soluble fibre into your diet can help reduce rises in blood glucose levels and specifically after meal times. Therefore, individuals who do live with diabetes, for example, could gain improved control over their blood sugar levels by increasing the amount of soluble fibre.


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