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  • Best For: Food and Health
  • Native: Mediterranean region
  • Member Of: Min Family

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Traditionally, Rosmery's fragrant aroma is used in lamb, chicken and so on. However, it is the best to be used for fish and dishes. Rosemary's shrub is light blue or pink flowers, dark green, needle like leaves which is silver on the underside.

From the Mediterranean, it is one of the widely used in French, Spanish and Italian dishes. It is been prized by the Greeks because it is healthy for the brain and as one of the herbs sacred for friendship.

It is ever green and is available all years. When you purchase it in a pot, you can keep it on a sunny window sill for weeks, with just plain water. Alternatively, you can also plant bushes in your garden, alongside or instead for a ready, fragrant supply of leaves.

Store Resemary
You ma keep Rosemary in the fridge in a tightly closed container or plastic bag. Fresh rosemary can be keep for several weeks.

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