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  • Short Description:
  • Category: Herbs and Spices
  • Best For: Health
  • Native: West Africa
  • Member Of: Malvaceae (mallow) family

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It is a type of the hibiscus which grows with white to pale yellow flowers that have a deep red spot on each petal. Roselle produces the red fruit as it matures, and it takes about six months. Roselle is often used as an herbal remedy for many different symptoms and ailments. Roselle should not be used without consulting with a doctor first.

Recommended For:
Toselle plant is used as a diuretic and laxative. The flower may also protect cardiac function in some patients. Herbal medicines and teas containing roselle may lower blood pressure because the plant is thought to have anti-hypertensive qualities. Other medicinal uses of roselle include teas to relieve coughs, aid digestion, encourage healthy kidney function, and soothe colds and sinus infections.

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