Chamomile | Make your own Herbal Tea

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  • Short Description:
  • Category: Herbs
  • Best For: Health
  • Native: Europe and Asia
  • Member Of: Asteraceae
  • Weight: 70 gr

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Plants are used as herbal teas which can help people sleep and relax. It is contains coumarin which makes your blood thin, just like an aspirin. Chamomile is also used for the skin cosmetics because it has anti inflammatory effect.

Not recommended
This Herb has strong compounds that it is not recommended for pregnant women and women who are breast feeding.


  • Muscle Relaxant
  • Use herb and make your own tea
  • Help with muscle cramps, stomach pains, or muscle pain
  • Athletes use chamomile to help relax the muscle after a hard exercise
  • Two to three cups a day is enough for most pains
  • Help cure burns, allergies and many other skin problems
  • Used to clear acne, other skin irritations and remedy for insomnia
  • It contain oils which are very beneficial to the human body and is popular for its aroma

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