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  • Short Description:
  • Brand: Achlim
  • 100%: Natural
  • Weight: 100 gm
  • For Digestion
  • For Antioxidant
  • High Protein
  • For Heart Health
  • For Diabetes

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Chia Seeds 100% Natural


Chia Seeds are one of the healthiest foods on the planet, packed with nutrients and benefits for your body and brain. The reason chia seeds benefits are so beneficial is due to the fact that it contains vitamins, fiber, minerals, omega-3 fats, and protein.

Some of the benefits of the Chia Seeds are as followings:

For Digestion

Chia seeds are super rich in fiber content, which provides nearly 11 grams per ounce, making it great for our digestion. Chia seeds fiber levels can be essential for your body’s

Chia For Antioxidant

Chia seeds have a good source of antioxidants that can help boost the central nervous system as well as immunity levels. Chia seeds are also rich in antioxidants that help protect the body from free radicals throughout the entire body.

High Protein

Chia seeds contain over 14% protein making it one of the highest protein levels of any plant. The seeds also contain high levels of amino acids, which help apply the use and benefit of its protein within our bodies.

For Heart Health

Chia seeds have strong anti-inflammatory capabilities that help reverse inflammation throughout the body, evidently beneficial for the heart most importantly. Helps in regulating cholesterol levels and lowering blood pressure.

For Diabetes

Chia seeds are and happen to be rich in alpha-linolenic acid and fiber, making it great for diabetes. Researchers found two processes in which chia seeds can be essential in curing diabetes. First chia seeds can help prevent metabolic disorders like dyslipidemia, which is excessive fat in the blood stream. Second how insulin builds resistance, which are two factors in the development of diabetes.

For Anti-aging and Skin

Chia seeds have shown to contain effective levels of antioxidants that can help decrease free radicals. Free radicals have been linked to many complications and issue such as cancer, aging, and skin issues.

Helps Weight Loss

The fiber contents of chia seeds absorb large amounts of water and expand in the stomach, which helps to increase satiety levels and slow the absorption of food while aiding in the digestive process.

Builds Stronger Bones

Bone health is a crucial element that we usually take for granted. The implications of good bone health can effect are overall health and ability to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

NOTE: For information please follow the link: www.achlim.net


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