About Achlim

About Achlim

Achlim Trading Sdn Bhd is a company from Morocco and established in 2012 in Malaysia for sales and marketing its products. It is a company that import and export Health and Beauty products. Products include Natural Oils, Natural Products, Herbs, Natural cosmetics, and Pure Honey with over 21 years of experiences. We are wholesalers and supply over 15 countries over the world. HQ office located in Asia, Malaysia.

The company owned by Mr. Khalid Achlim, and staff are from all over the world and hold by experience and knowledge. Today we have over hundreds of products targeting every need of human being.

So, our aim is to provide our customers with healthy and beauty natural cosmetics with ALL OF THE GOOD from the creator of all. Therefore, our new products will be much effective. Consequently, the thing about us is that you can find all our products in other eCommerce websites, Lazada, 11Street and many more.

In addition, our aim is to change, and provide natural products to the world. So, it increases the happiness of families, friends and Community. In conclusion, we will be able to supply you, all kind of the natural products that you feel interested on. Finally, we can do brand label for you as well.